After Oral Surgery

These conditions may occur, all of which are considered normal:

SWELLING: The­ operated­ area ­may­ swell­ significantly,­ this is normal and no cause for alarm. The swelling may increase for up to 72 hours and last up to a week or more. You may use ice or a bag of frozen peas on the outside of your cheeks. Wrap in a towel to protect the­ skin­ and ­apply ­for ­20 ­minutes­ then­ remove­ for­ 20­ minutes.­ You ­may­ continue­ this­ pattern­ for­ the ­first­ 24­ hours. Heat may be applied no sooner than 72 hours after your surgery if you are still swollen.

BLEEDING: A certain amount of bleeding is expected after surgery. There will be gauze in your mouth when you­ leave­ the­ office.­ After­ 30 ­minutes,­ change­ the­ gauze­ every­ 30-40­ minutes­ as necessary­ until­ there­ is only a slight ooze from the surgical sites. Apply constant pressure by gently biting on the gauze. Never eat, drink, or sleep with the gauze in your mouth.

BRUISING: Discoloration, black and blue or yellowish brown on the outside of the face or along the arm or hand at the IV site, is caused by bruising and will resolve.

DIET: Your diet after surgery will usually consist of liquids or soft foods. The diet can be advanced as tolerated. Avoid drinking through a straw, or vigorously spitting.

RINSING: Avoid rinsing the day of the surgery. You may begin rinsing the day after surgery with mild salt water or antibiotic mouth rinse as prescribed.

There will be a hole where the surgery was performed. ­This­ will­ gradually ­fill­ with­ new ­tissue.

If you have been given a plastic irrigation syringe: begin­ using­ 7­ days­ after ­surgery ­by ­filling­ with­ warm­ water­ and­ gently­ flushing­ the ­extraction ­site­ once­ a­ day. Tightness of the muscles after surgery is normal and may­ cause ­difficulty­ in­ opening­ the­ mouth­ for ­a­ few­ days.

No smoking after surgery for 24 hours.

Scheduling ­a­ post-operative ­follow-up ­appointment­ is optional. Dissolvable sutures are used. Please call if you think there is a problem or if you want the doctor to check your healing.

Should you have any questions or concerns during regular office hours, please do not hesitate to contact us at Marietta Phone Number 770-422-7630