Oral and Cosmetic Surgery Patient Testimonials

Dear Dr. Davila & Staff,

Thank you all so much for caring for both my girls. Their care and results were excellent. Also, thank you for the assistance with our account! It helps alot.

Thanks again.

Patient Testimonial card

Dear Dr. Rose,

Thank you for performing such an outstanding surgery on Ryan’s molars. You and your entire staff made him (and me) feel comfortable from the very first visit.

We appreciate your professionalism and wanted you to know it did not go unnoticed!

Thank you for everything!

Karen Barnes

Patient Testimonial card

Dr. Rose,

Thank you! My sinus lift operation was great. I wish your skills were on the internet! Dr. Rose you did a great job. Thank you for your thoughtfulness with my concerns. You are a great doctor and a special caring man.

Your #1 Fan,
Denise Hagan

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Dear Dr. Vandewater,

I just wanted to thank you and your wonderful employees for the warm and gracious way you accommodated me and ultimately my friends, the Peppers on Monday, August 9th. You already had a busy schedule but you took the time to work with Mrs. Pepper in for a consultation at my request. What really warmed my heart was how willing and gracious everyone was to do this for me. That’s not something easily taught and it sends a message to me that good things are happening in your office and you’ve got a great team in place.

All too often we hear from patients and colleagues when things do not go well, but rarely receive the praise that is deserved for an exceptional experience. It was not the fact that you saw her that day… I was sure you would do this for me; but it was the way everyone handled the situation that truly created an exceptional experience and prompted me to write this letter. The Peppers came away relieved and impressed with the way they were treated and for that, I am grateful. They are dear friends.

I hope that you will share this letter with your team as they surely deserve a big “THANK YOU”. You have been a great oral surgeon to work with for so many years but, more importantly, a great friend.

Thanks again,
Dr. Jeff Kincaid

Patient Testimonial card

Patient Testimonial card